Nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) have proven versatile building blocks for biotechnological applications ranging from autonomous nanomotors and nanostructures / nanomaterials with specific dimensions to biosensors and responsive, "smart" materials. Through integration with nanotechnology and microfluidics, DNA-based technologies now find applications in disease diagnostics and therapeutics, in next generation computing and memory storage, and in nano-photonics.

In this focused program, a core group of experts from North America and Asia will highlight current developments in DNA nanotechnology and DNA-based sensing and smart materials using topics (e.g., point of care diagnostics) of the greatest relevance to Hong Kong and South East Asia as model examples. In particular, low-cost diagnostics platform and device for the developing world will be emphasized. As an outcome of the focused program, we target to identify thematic topics for further collaboration among the participants, a group that will include 20-30 faculty and student experts in the field.

Selected snapshot

Invited speakers and program participants gather for a group photo.


School of Engineering, HKUST
Division of Biomedical Engineering, HKUST

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