White Papers

Dear Participants of IAS Program on High Energy Physics 2017,

We would like to invite you to submit articles to be published in the frame of IAS Program on High Energy Physics (HEP) 2017. Papers in HEP2016 are already published in IJMPA (See http://www.worldscientific.com/toc/ijmpa/31/33. Book edition should be ready in Spring 2017).

Here are some guidelines:

(1) The white papers should summarize the work or overviews done by participants of HEP2017. Papers which did not contribute a presentation can also be accepted as long as they match the topic(s) of the conference.
(2) The submission format is LaTeX only. The co-editors will provide a template once the journal is selected (see World Scientific LaTeX template: http://www.worldscientific.com/page/ijmpa/stylefiles-readme-2e).
(3) Submission should be done to the White Papers Editors, i.e. Luis Flores Castillo and Kirill Prokofiev, at <Luis.Flores.Castillo@cern.ch> and <kprok@ust.hk> . We will need to contact track organizers to stimulate submissions in their respective groups.

Interested participants are encouraged to submit contributions ranging from their presentation write ups (3 pages and more) to independent paper without page limit.

(1) To estimate the number of contributions and overall page limit, please submit the title, the abstract and expected number of pages of your contribution by 28 February 2017.
(2) Draft submitted by March 31 2017.
(3) A cross-review process of collected contributions will be in April 2017.

Best Regards,
Luis & Kirill


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