Confirmed speakers

Updated as of 4 January 2016

Irina Artsimovitch The Ohio State University
Georgi Belogurov University of Turku
Elizabeth Campbell The Rockefeller University
Joan Conaway Stowers Institute for Medical Research
Ron Conaway Stowers Institute for Medical Research
Patrick Cramer The Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry
Seth Darst The Rockefeller University
Michael Feig Michigan State University
Carlos Fernández Tornero The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
Eric Galburt Washington University in St. Louis
Peng Gong Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Xuhui Huang The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Robert Landick University of Wisconsin–Madison
Bing Li University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
John Lis Cornell University
Xin Liu University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Sohail Malik The Rockefeller University
Craig Martin University of Massachusetts Amherst
Katsuhiko Murakami Pennsylvania State University
Kenji Murakami University of Pennsylvania
Evgeny Nudler New York University
David Price University of Iowa
Joseph Reese Pennsylvania State University
Jesper Svejstrup The Francis Crick Institute
Dong Wang University of California at San Diego
Jade Wang University of Wisconsin-Madison
Robert Weinzierl Imperial College London
Finn Werner University College London
Jin Yu Beijing Computational Science Research Center

Listed in alphabetical order of last names

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