IAS Focused Program on Mechanisms of Gene Transcription and Its Regulation IAS Focused Program on Mechanisms of Gene Transcription and Its Regulation


New insights into transcription regulatory mechanisms are now taking shape from new approaches that include cryo-EM, deep sequencing, chemical biology, proteomics, and computational studies, in addition to traditional structural, molecular and cellular biology approaches. These diverse approaches create both challenges and opportunities for the field to connect atomic-level insights with whole-genome and systems-biology scales. Making these connections requires venues that facilitate interdisciplinary discussion and collaboration in focused discussions. This need motivated us to organize the 1st and 2nd Focused Program on Gene Transcription in Hong Kong in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

The aim of the 3rd Focused Program in this series is to bring together scientists from diverse disciplines to discuss recent progress on structure-function relationship in transcription complexes, including those with associated regulatory factors. It is hoped that the opportunity for focused but relaxed interactions made possible by the IAS program will again attract a leading group of investigators who value the chance to explore new directions for the field.


Group Photo

Organizers and the participants gather for a Zoom Webinar.

Workshop Organizers
University of Wisconsin-Madison
John LIS
Cornell University
(HKUST IAS Senior Visiting Fellow)
University of California, San Diego